Registered Sex Offender Batch Processing of Excel, CSV or Database

OffenderList offers batch processing of your lists to help you avoid the time and costs associated with manual verification and tedious repeat monitoring.

Do you have lists of individuals or employees that need to be checked for matches on the sex offender registry?

OffenderList provides a convenient and easy service which allows you to simply upload a list of users’ first name, last name and date of birth along with other details as you need and OffenderList will check it against our national registered sex offender database for potential matches. We report back any flags or matches through email or any other internal systems you request.


  • Check lists of all sizes.
  • Use Excel, Database files, CSV or even simple text files.
  • Request continual monitoring or one-time.
  • Receive alerts for any potential matches.

OffenderList batch processing pricing and testing

OffenderList pricing is flexible and based on your needs. We offer monthly packages based on your estimated usage and à la carte packages designed to give you a bucket of calls to be used when you need on your schedule.

Our pricing is as low as pennies per call. Click here to request pricing details or to request information about testing OffenderList’s batch processing service.

Need Database Access?

We’re ready to talk about your needs and integrations. Whether you need to make a few calls per month or millions of calls a week. Our enterprise-level API service and dev team can accommodate you.