Integrating sex offender API monitoring through automation

Today’s businesses and organizations are realizing the best approach to mitigating legal liabilities and protecting their people is to be proactive in identifying potential threats from sex offenders. The threats can emerge in an instant through many, often overlooked, gaps in security coverages. Because of this challenge, businesses are looking at using automation processes to constantly monitor their spreadsheets and databases for sex offender threats. The easiest method to achieve this is through a partner sex offender api integration like Offenderlist.

A sex offender API service like Offenderlist provides automated coverage and searching of the same national sex offender data resource available to everyone, but requires a manual, one-by-one search.

Our customers integrate in many ways to meet multiple challenges. Often times they set their internal systems to do regular sex offender API checks of first name, last name, dob and other data points to become aware of any matches. Once their system identifies a potential match – they create appropriate workflows to send emails, alerts and other notices through the proper channels to execute their next steps.

Other customers request mappable sex offender API returns in order to create map overlays of offenders located within a certain radius or area.

Some customers need to check the same database repeatedly for constant monitoring and some check new names and data depending on their requirements.

Whatever your needs are, the low cost and convince of a direct sex offender API integration with a partner like Offenderlist pays off in risk management, safety assurance and general peace of mind for your stockholders, employees, and public relations.

The team at Offenderlist is built to be business oriented. We work with our business customers to help them integrate custom systems, oftentimes helping them and walking through how to point their servers and files at our sex offender API. We are here to help you succeed and provide the coverage and sex offender monitoring desperately needed in today’s business environment.

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Monitoring the national sex offender list business

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