Does my business need to monitor sex offender lists?

Let’s cut to the chase and speak broadly about this question for a moment. If your business or organization employs anyone or is responsible for others wellbeing, then the safe, quick answer is a resounding “Yes”. Whether we like it or not, threats are ever present in today’s environment. Whether your organization’s people are local and in-house or you have a team of distributors or contractors working remote or any other mix of exposure. Businesses require their people to work with others, it’s the nature of business, and as such they are at risk.

So how do businesses handle this massive task of making sure they aren’t exposing their people to unnecessary or dangerous threats from sex offenders? Sure, most businesses run background checks on the new hires or volunteers and some even have a process of repeat, scheduled background checks while many don’t. But what about the visitors to your location, the temporary contractors, the short term or one-event volunteers? Sex offenders can be hard to identify and they enter registries at any time without notice. How is a business supposed to monitor this threat in an efficient and cost-effective manner without overwhelming their staff with a tedious and mostly unproductive task?

This difficult question had elusive answers for far too long. Fortunately, companies like OffenderList are now available to provide an answer.

The task is made simple through services offered by OffenderList. Are you a small business who only cycles through a few employees a year? Are you a large business who sees 10’s or even 100’s of employees in and out of your doors annually? Do you have regular visitors, volunteers or other non-traditional staff entering your doors or exposed to your organization’s people regularly? Answering this threat in the past was impossible but with a service like OffenderLists’ continual monitoring or custom sex offender API integration with your company’s systems makes this an afterthought with very little cost.

Background checks cover you only at the time of processing. This does nothing to prevent a past hire or volunteer who passed a background check from posing a threat in the future. Running continual background checks still leaves you exposed most of the time and costs a great deal more. However, a service like OffenderList can provide continual monitoring, on a daily basis, for pennies across your entire organization’s landscape.

What’s more is just how easy it is. If you have internal software platforms to manage your staff and people, a service like OffenderList is easy to integrate with standard, modern API connections and clear documentation. If you’re a small business or non-profit who keeps it simple using spreadsheets to track your people, it’s just as easy and there is a solution for you also with our batch processing or OffenderList platform which tracks your spreadsheets for you.

For pennies a day you can provide the risk-easing safety commitment to your organization that was hard to do before. Partnering with OffenderList provides the peace-of-mind that you’ve been looking for without sacrificing budgets or staff productivity. Click here to learn more about OffenderList’s services to find the right fit for your company. If you’ve got questions – our team is ready to help and answer any needs you have.

Monitoring the national sex offender list business

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