National Sex Offender
API Database

API and List Service access to our national sex offender database

Need API integration with national sex offender lists?

OffenderList provides security and information-focused organizations API access, batch requests, remote access & internal access to a national sex offender database covering all 50 states and US territories as well as several other city-based, autonomous and private sex offender registries and violent offender registries.


Complete Database

National Sex Offender database covering all 50 states and US Territories

API Access

RESTful JSON API and other direct download options

Business Solutions

Batch processing, monitoring and other custom integrations
Providing API Sex Offender Database Access to businesses


What we offer

Sex Offender API Database access

Offender Database Access

Full, partial and customized API and remote access credentials to a national database of sex offenders.

Make detailed searches on sex offender API database

Great Details offers a sex offender database with an extensive set of data points on each offender. Search and match at a high-level, a highly detailed level or anywhere in between.

Flexible Business Accounts for API Accesses

Flexible Accounts

Need a scaling solution or a sex offender API team that’s willing to work with your business rather than force you into strict and unbending contracts? We’re the right partner for you.

Integration team can customize your api access to your needs

Ready To Customize

We’re made for businesses with unique needs and built to be customized.Organizations with special requirements are welcomed at Offenderlist. We’re ready to work with you and your dev teams.

Need Database Access?

We’re ready to talk about your needs and integrations. Whether you need to make a few calls per month or millions of calls a week. Our enterprise-level API service and dev team can accommodate you.

Offenderlist API Sex Offender Database located near Milwaukee, Wi


Why We Built OffenderList?

OffenderList came together for one reason – to provide businesses access to a strong, updated and most importantly, API-accessible national sex offender list. We value the safety and awareness improvements so many businesses and organizations are making using data from these state and private sex offender lists. We wanted to make sure they had the most accurate and easy-to-access data possible. For this reason we built OffenderList and continue to improve its offering daily. This allows our business partners and clients immediate and professional API access and dynamic batch request access to our national database of sex offenders and other offenders.


Built and managed in the Upper-Midwest near Milwaukee, WI.


Supported by a team of experienced, senior developers and data engineers.

The Numbers

Our cohesive and vetted database of national sex offenders is available through the OffenderList API. This list is checked and amended daily with state-by-state updates and verifications.


National sex offenders and other dangerous offenders.


Data sources, collected and vetted, with more being added regularly.


Profile data points and additional details are added as often as possible giving your application a high-degree of accuracy.